What can I expect during my treatment?
You will visit with the doctor, who will ask about your medical history and give you a brief exam to determine that you are a good candidate for PRP therapy. If so, we will then obtain the blood sample and prepare the PRP. The doctor will examine the area to be treated, prepare it sterilely, and apply numbing medication. PRP will be gently injected into the injured area and joint support tissues. After your treatment, you will stay for a 15 to 20 minute observation period. At checkout you will review discharge instructions. 
The process may be repeated one to two times over 6-12months, if needed. The treatment is personalized to each patients needs. 

What does the patient have to do prior to the procedure?

  • No corticosteroids for 2-3 weeks prior to injection.
  • Discontinue non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) at least 5 days before injection. 
  • No anticoagulation use for 5 days prior to injection.
  • Increase fluid intake for 24 hours.
  • Cardiac patients continue aspirin.

How long does it take?
Generally, a PRP injection requires an initial visit to see if the patient's injury would benefit from the injection. The actual injection process takes about 30 minutes. The majority of the time involves drawing and the prcessing the patient's blood for the injection. 

What can I expect after the PRP treatment? 
You may have mild to moderate discomfort, which may last up to one week. There may be temporary worsening of symptoms as your body's natural inflammatory response is stimulated by the PRP. This is necessary for healing. 

What should I do when I get home following the procedure?
As PRP releases growth factors, it is important to not disturb the area of injection for at least 48 hours. We ask that you remain sedentary for that period, refraining from activities other than necessary walking or driving in order to receive the maximum benefit of the PRP. It is helpful if you also refrain from any vigorous activity for up to two weeks following each procedure. You may return to average daily living immediately.